Friday, October 11, 2013

Free Topic Friday

Hey, you crochet-addicts out there - how has this week been treating you? Did you find the time to crochet something nice?
Two weeks ago I've asked you for some feedback about the link-parties here, if you'd rather have the possibility to vote for the projects presented here, if you'd like to see some of the projects highlighted as a feature, or if you like the parties just the way they are right now. I'd like to quote Preeti who said
"...I like parties simple like here, because there are so many nice projects and featuring a few doesn't do any justice to all crocheters. Rather, we need to encourage visiting each other which is the objective of any link party but that's again a personal choice."
Thanks for your feedback Preeti, this is pretty much what I'm personally thinking as well! So... - since nobody asked for the voting-option or project-features, I'd say we leave it all like it is. And - to emphasize Preeti's words - please take some time to visit the fabulous links that are presented here and let people know that you've stopped by - we all love comments, right?

One more thing before we fire up the new party - right below this post I've started the new poll for the next theme-party, please place your vote(s)! As for today - it's Free Topic Friday again, so anything goes... as long as it's crochet, of course! :)

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