Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Topic Friday

Thank god it's Friday and time for another Free Topic link-party here at The Crochet Boulevard! What have you been crocheting recently? I'm looking forward to your entries!
And while you're here, don't forget to vote for the topic of our next Theme-Party in two weeks from now: right now, the "Vintage Crochet" has got the pole position, let's see who's gonna win the race!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Welcome to The Crochet Boulevard, I hope you enjoy this month's topic, Accessories! I'm looking forward to your crochet jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. But also other accessories, like scarves and shawls, gloves, belts, bags and purses, and anything else that comes to your mind when you think of crochet accessories.
I'll also start the poll for the next theme-party in October, soon - so make sure to come back and place your vote(s)!

Some things you should keep in mind:
What you see is what you get: please link to the specific post where your chosen project can be found (not just your main blog address), and make sure that your post is about crochet and matches the given theme! No shops! Please understand that I might remove links that ignore these points.
Feel free to post as many links as you like - you should really search in the depths of your archives to retrieve your forgotten treasures, this is your chance to bring them back to the surface! :)
You're welcome to vote for your favorite topic (the poll is right below this post). If you've got ideas for new topics, or if you'd like to see one of the previous topics back on the list again, please leave a comment!